Sunday Thinking

"You can be vulnerable and still not want everyone in your business."

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“The past isn't predic­tive. If you can absorb and embrace that belief, everything changes. You'll instantly feel more calm. And the athlete-or employee or parent or spouse-who's more calm is also more aware, and more times than not ... will win.”

― Trevor Moawad, It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life

I. Moving Beyond the Surface

  • It takes curiosity to learn. It takes courage to unlearn.

  • Learning requires the humility to admit what you don't know today.

  • Unlearning requires the integrity to admit that you were wrong yesterday.

  • Learning is how you evolve. Unlearning is how you keep up as the world evolves.

Source: Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist & Bestselling Author

II. Life Is a Series of Trade-Offs

The way we live out our days is the way we will live our lives. What are we willing to trade-off to achieve our goals?

  • Being busy for protecting time.

  • Parties for intimate gatherings.

  • Soul extortion for soul searching.

  • Nights out for knowledge seeking.

  • Meaningless work for my passion.

  • Living for others for living my life.

  • Chasing money for chasing purpose.

III. It Takes What It Takes

We remember the life, incredible impact, and legacy of renowned mental conditioning coach Trevor Moawad. May his game-changing wisdom live on by how we lead and love.

  • Negativity affects you negatively 100% of the time.

  • Champions lead themselves before they lead others.

  • The first step to getting out of the hole is to stop digging.

  • Too many people say 'I am what I am.' That is a statement of surrender.

  • Average is a choice. Greatness is a choice. There is no magic. Only decisions.

Source: Trevor Moawad, Limitless Minds

IV. What We’re Happy To Share

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V. Question

What are you learning about being vulnerable?

VI. This Week I Will

  1. Be kind.

  2. Smile each day.

  3. Choose greatness.

  4. Protect my energy.

  5. Cultivate the courage to unlearn.

The Last Words…

“Today, you could be standing next to someone who is really trying their best not to fall apart. So whatever you do today, do it with kindness in your heart.”

― Anonymous

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