A Roadmap To Mastering the Mental Game

Too often, leaders attempt to change how their teams and organizations act without changing the way they think.

Every day in our endeavors, we compete for the minds of our teams — and for the mindfulness to remain present. As we lead others as well as ourselves, our behavior and actions must inform, persuade, motivate, and illuminate. Today's climate across a wide array of sectors has revealed a void in leadership, emotional resonance, and practicality. 

Too often, leaders attempt to change how their teams and organizations act without changing the way they think. As a result, they get compliance but not commitment, involvement but not investment, progress but not lasting, sustainable high performance. We can easily become stuck in old ways of operating and leading in moments that instead require us most to pivot and to change. Our lives can transform instantly. When we pivot from a place of wanting to grow and get better, we welcome the new instead of resisting it. 

The following are strategic mindsets to cultivate a roadmap for yourself and those you lead. These thoughts are not a one size fits all model. They require examination, deconstruction, reconstruction, and the implementation of your liking. The better equipped we are to take on the mental component of life and leadership, the more prepared we will be to seize the opportunity on the biggest stages.

Strategic Roadmap

  • Vision: Create an environment and culture that intently focuses on mindsets and behaviors that fuel holistic growth, creativity and discovery. 

  • Mission: Positively influence how you and your team think and behave. Challenge your thinking and thought process. Let go of beliefs and ways of doing that are no longer serving you and those you lead. 

  • Goals: Maximize the physical and mental efficiencies of your daily output. Each day we must keenly manage our time as well as our mental, physical, resource, and energy exertion. 

  • Objectives: Every day is a chance to rethink how we lead while capturing the minds of who we lead. Proactive thinking while defining mindsets and success are vital to understanding our why.

  • Critical Focus: Those we lead are searching for answers, solutions, comfort, and hope. We must be honest with ourselves daily and ask, are we best serving the needs of those we lead — and do we have strategies/developmental plans to best nurture our vision, mission, and goals? 

  • Challenges: Each day, we are confronted with streams of information and events to distract and deter us from being our best selves. While we cannot control everything that happens to us and those we lead, we can do something every day to be more prepared, resilient and empathetic for the unknown.

Realize each day as leaders, we are taking an examination. It is incumbent upon us to craft messages and game plans that speak to the heart of our team's needs. As we lead and coach others, let’s not fall into the trap of stopping to grow and develop ourselves. The minute we think we have won, we have lost. We must win the game before the game, and our mental game is more important than ever. 

P.S. If you are in search of a book recommendation, our team at The Daily Coach highly recommends Raise Your Game: High-Performance Secrets from the Best of the Best by Alan Stein Jr. with Jon Sternfeld. High achievers are at the top of their game because of the discipline they have during the unseen hours. They have made a commitment to establish, tweak, and repeat positive habits in everything they do. This book examines the top leaders in sports and business and proves that success is a result of the little things we do all the time. Raise Your Game will inspire and empower you to commit to the fundamentals, create a winning mindset, and progress into new levels of success.

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