Authentic is Dolly Parton

Parton connects with others by being herself, not a version she thinks will sell. 

“Authentic” has two definitions in Webster’s Dictionary:

1: not false or imitationREALACTUAL

2: true to one's own personality, spirit or character

If photos were included, this would be the perfect one to use:

Dolly Parton makes no bones about who she is or what she stands for. She is genuine with her actions and behaviors and comfortable in her skin. Her face is an expression of kindness, sincerity, and honesty.  

Parton cares about people, and people care about her. Parton connects with others by being herself, not a version she thinks will sell. She is an incredible writer, singer, businesswoman, philanthropist, and movie star. But more importantly, she wants to help others. She turned down the Presidential Medal of Freedom because of her husband's health and desire to avoid travel.

“It's a nice compliment for people to think I might deserve it,” she said.

Parton donated $1M to COVID research, then waited for her name to be called to receive her shot. She didn’t expect preferred treatment, nor did she want it. She didn’t donate the money for recognition or praise. She did it simply to help as best she could. 

When she wanted to leave The Porter Wagoner Show, separating from the man who made her career explode, Parton wrote him a song titled “I’ll Always Love You” as an expression of gratitude. She didn’t burn any bridge; in fact, she built one to have their partnership extend. Even though Wagoner was upset by her choice, the song dismissed his anger. And when Wagoner was on his death bed in 2007, surrounded by family, Dolly was by his side.

By being herself, Parton has become a friend to all, even though they might not like her music or movies. Her genuineness is what makes her an American icon.

We’re forever grateful for her many acts of kindness and, above all, her unmatched ability to be authentic.