Deep Thinking In The Age of Instant Gratification

Practicing deep thinking enables us to go beneath the surface to uncover the truth of a situation.

“If wisdom comes from integrating the highs and lows of life, then fulfillment is the result of bringing your whole self to the game.” — Danielle LaPorte

We must mindfully enhance the quality of our thinking. Many of us engage daily in the most common thought process of surface thinking and not deep thinking. When you apply deep thinking, you do not just skim the surface and react. But challenge yourself to see what others do not see, hear what others don’t hear, ask what others don’t ask to go where others won’t go. 

Practicing deep thinking enables us to go beneath the surface to uncover the truth of a situation. That truth has a transformative power to set us free, allowing our lives to be lived fully with grace, purpose, compassion, and authenticity.

As you read these declarations, realize invaluable discoveries await by venturing down the road less traveled. With every morning awakening, you are reborn. Consistently focus on moving the goalpost forward in your life because there is no finish line. 

  • One of our biggest excuses is “I don’t have time to do it,” even though each day we are bestowed 86,400 seconds of unique opportunity.

  • Prevent negative thoughts from becoming overpowering. When you take control of your mind, a negative thought does not turn into a negative conversation. 

  • Learn to view change as a gift that you can give yourself.

  • The problem with being successful is you start to believe the hype.

  • People wish to talk to people who will listen.

  • Let go of everything that does not make you better.

  • Never outsource your validation and self-worth.

  • Find something bigger than yourself, and get in touch with it every day.

  • A form of intellectual curiosity is to see the world from another point of view.

  • Passion is the poetry of leadership — a leader speaks to the follower’s hearts.

  • A notebook is a platform for your imagination.

  • Your life is made up of events, circumstances, experiences, and emotions. Never relinquish the power of your story.

A journey is to reach for your outer limits. While there might be challenges and discomfort along the way, these experiences are necessary and nothing more than a chance for a new type of wholeness and better self to emerge.

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