Sunday Thinking

I choose to live my life each day, mindful of my service to others.

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“You don't choose the times you live in, but you do choose who you want to be, and you do choose how you want to think.” 

― Grace Lee Boggs

I. Thoughts For The Day

  • Pivot before you have to pivot.

  • Do what is right, not what is easy.

  • It costs absolutely nothing to be kind.

  • Be honest with yourself and to others.

II. Follow Your Intuition

Five ways to tap into your intuition:

  1. Pay attention – Make self-observation a priority. Take note of how you respond to people and circumstances.

  2. Listen to your heart – Keeping your heart open lets you discover information and ideas you are not even aware you possess.

  3. Meditate – Mindfulness will help you “cut out the noise” that blocks you from accessing your intuition. 

  4. Spend time alone – Solitude helps you distinguish your inner voice from other people’s thoughts and opinions.

  5. Don’t hesitate – Practice making quick decisions, which you base on your initial gut instincts.

Source: Franziska Iseli, The Courage Map: 13 Principles for Living Boldly 

III. Peak Performers

  • Leave their ego at the door.

  • Quick to admit when wrong.

  • Practice the art of self-discipline.

  • Investigate and challenge assumptions.

  • Possess a unique sense of self-awareness.

  • Sustain consistency and the enthusiasm to compete.

IV. Question

What is worth smiling about right now?

V. This Week I Will

  1. Manage myself.

  2. Drink more water.

  3. Try something new.

  4. Check-in on someone.

  5. Write down my thoughts.

The Last Words…

“Select your inner circle with care. Your choice of those who populate your inner and outer lives is of defining significance.” 

― James M. Strock

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