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Everyone dreams of changing the world, but few realize that the process begins with transforming themselves.

As we move into December, many changes often occur within our personal and professional lives in preparation for the New Year. This month becomes the perfect time to reevaluate our leadership skills. Using The Leader's Voice by Boyd Clark and Ron Crossland, we can ask ourselves specific questions to help us further develop our skills and self-mastery as leaders. Everyone dreams of changing the world, but few realize that the process begins with transforming themselves.

Clark and Crossland break down the four areas of leadership, providing specific questions that require critical self-reflective answers. Before you embark on your journey to lead in 2020, spend time asking yourself these questions. Remember, coaching and leading are the same. Therefore the more discipline you are in your honest self-evaluation, the better equipped you will be to seize unique opportunities to holistically grow and lead. 


  1. Who am I as a Leader?                                 

  2. What motivates me to lead?            

  3. Why have I taken up this mantle?  

  4. What fear and aspirations drive me?          

  5. What do I truly believe?                  

  6. Can I make a difference?                 


  1. What is our vision or brand intensity?       

  2. Where will our strategy ultimately lead us?                      

  3. How will my call or action be remembered over time?     

  4. What organization will we aspire to become and why?    


  1. How do I get through the fog?                    

  2. How do I create more meaningful conversations? 

  3. Truth speaks volumes. Am I leading in truth?

  4. How do I create greater alignment?            

  5. How do I communicate with constituents publicly and privately? 


  1. What is required of leaders now?    

  2. What will the success demand of us?          

  3. What motivates the team?                

  4. How will market forces, politics, and current trends impact our organization? 

Boyd Clark and Ron Crossland further explain how, when communicating, you must use three channels to convey your message:




Before we start the New Year with all our original thoughts, ideas, and resolutions, let’s take a moment to recalibrate ourselves. We cannot expect the people we lead to improve if we don’t spend time improving ourselves.

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