To Lead a Life of Self-Discipline

We must realize anything that deviates from the status quo is frightening at first but usually worthwhile in the end.

It is a significant challenge on our journey to lead a life of self-discipline. But it is more important than ever as we navigate an increasingly-unpredictable 21st-century.

Each day, our time, attention and energy are continually pulled in a multitude of directions. Much of our behavior is predicated on how we view the world. We tend to prefer information that confirms our existing beliefs and experiences because it makes us most comfortable. So we yearn for the most advanced gadgets. We buy the latest trends and believe adding new systems and habits will transform our lives. Too often we don’t retire and let go of outdated behavioral mindsets that no longer serve us. When we add anything in life, we must subtract somewhere else.

To live a self-disciplined life, our why must be more intentional and more robust than our strongest excuse. We must have the tenacity and fortitude to design the way forward. We can no longer wait for the right moment. Instead, we must go out and live immediately using the skills and resources available to find a way and cultivate the moment.

Practicing self-discipline is not always comfortable. It requires us to be transparent yet gentle with ourselves. That level of authenticity and vulnerability can be terrifying. We must realize anything that deviates from the status quo is frightening at first but usually worthwhile in the end. We have a unique opportunity to practice self-discipline while living with a growth mindset, and strategic intent.

Do not cheat the process of healing, exploration, and transformation just because we live in an on-demand culture. We must remain patient with the self-discovery of ourselves and those we lead by trusting the timing of our lives and by running our own race.

Practicing the art of self-discipline can take us through front doors, back doors, side doors and even no doors. No matter what lies ahead, let’s commit to moving forward step by step and to never surrender.

P.S. If you are in search of a book recommendation, our team at The Daily Coach highly recommends Authentic Gravitas: Who Stands Out and Why by Dr. Rebecca Newton. Organizational psychologist and executive coach Rebecca Newton has found that even her most successful clients still want more of one quality: gravitas. They want their words to carry weight, to have a positive, lasting impact on those around them. Authentic gravitas extends beyond commanding presence in the room during a key meeting; it's about the small things you can do beforehand, during, and in all the spaces in between — to be someone who genuinely adds substantive value in the workplace and beyond.

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