Occasionally take a journey down a side road marked uncommon.
Occasionally take a leap of faith into the unknowns.
Here are 8 people we should wisely and earnestly reflect on incorporating into our inner circle and personal board of directors in 2022.
Nick Saban needed to take some of the disappointment off of both young men’s shoulders and bring the focus back onto the process, not the result.
Our team members want quicker results, and they want a greater collective purpose.
Few understand the challenges that we as leaders face. And very rarely are they willing to apply the same standards to themselves.
High intention and deep conviction is streaming live with love through every area of my life!
True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know, but need to know.
You make a person feel valued, acknowledged, and important when you listen.
We have an obligation to actively show up every day for ourselves and those we lead with purpose and intention, even on days we do not feel our best.
What made Bill Snyder so successful was that he lived these principles every day, constantly reinforcing them to his players and coaches.
We will face rejection, we will be tested, we will be pushed to the point of near surrender.