I am grateful for the people in my life, even those who have caused me pain.
In a world of instant connectivity, we must never forget that people are at the heart of leadership.
There are times as leaders, friends, teammates and co-workers that we simply want something to be true, even if it isn’t.
As leaders, we have to understand that there are few experts and even fewer with knowledge of the decision-making process we endured.
So often when we take over new organizations, teams or departments, we rubberneck at our competitors.
Today, continue to nourish your dreams. Hold fast to your vision and do something everyday to bring it into manifestation.

April 2022

As we go inward with life's unknowns, silence ultimately enables us to cultivate deeper clarity and connection.
Being a better person starts with treating yourself with the same loving-kindness as you do others.
Selecting talent is hard in any profession.
Being wrong or making a poor choice is an experience, not a final act.
“If you only walk on sunny days, you will never reach your destination.”
There are four Wright quotes that shed insight into his leadership beliefs.