“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
On this day, know that I am proud of you, and I am grateful that you are here.
Too often, leaders will issue a vague statement saying they have no interest in any job other than their present one.
The most effective leader isn’t the one with the trickiest schemes or most advanced ideas.
We so often discuss the importance of mental toughness but miss opportunities to actually practice it.
Today, I free my heart, open my soul and let the good times roll. Gracefully and gratefully I let it be!
Every day remove a fence from your life!
Turn your next setback into your biggest comeback.
As leaders and positive difference makers, we must govern our days — not have the busyness of our days govern us.
Only by consistently following through on daily habits can we create an ingrained pattern of behavior that becomes the standard for those we lead.
Unless orders are assigned to a specific person within the group, they’re rarely followed.
True improvement so often depends on patience, focus and an internal discipline to tune out outside elements.